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New Publication: Éthique et patrimoine culturel—Regard croisés

Posted by Nicholas O'Donnell on February 2, 2017 at 10:56 AM

L'Harmattan has published a new volume entitled Éthique et patrimoine culturel—Regard croisés (Ethics and Cultural Patrimony: Viewpoints), which is a collection of papers presented at a conference in October, 2015 at L'Ecole du Louvre in Paris.  I spoke at the conference and submitted the full treatment of my remarks to the book entitled "Public Trust or Private Business? Deaccessioning Law and Ethics in the United States."  My co-presenters were eloquent and their expanded research and essays are well worth reading.  Copies can be ordered here.

The conference speakers were:

Philippe Durey (Director of the Ecole du Louvre)

Jacques Bittoun (president of Université Paris Sud)

Daniel Janicot (president of the French National Commission for UNESCO)

Edouard Planche (Programme Specialist, Division of Cultural Expressions and Heritage)

Stéphane Duroy (Professor of Public Law, University Paris Sud)

Denis Michel Boëll (general heritage curator, Musée de la Marine, member of the ICOM Ethics Committee)

Nathalie Heinich (CNRS Research Director, Arts Research Centre and the language)

Baptiste Brown (lecturer in History of Contemporary Art, University Rennes)

Chadelat Catherine (president of the Council of Voluntary Sales) and Sophie Vigneron (senior lecturer, University of Kent)

Dominique Jarrassé

Gilles Ragot (Professor of History of Contemporary Art, University Montaigne Bordeaux, former head of Architectural Archives of the twentieth century)

Lafferière-François Julien (Professor Emeritus, University Paris Sud)

Janet Blake (senior lecturer in law, member of the UNESCO Chair for Human Rights, Peace and Democracy, University of Shahid Beheshti, Tehran)

James Bradburne (Director, Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan)

Philippe-Henri Dutheil (former president, partner and non-profit sector director, EY Société d’avocats)

Geraldine Goffaux Callebaut (Professor of Private law, University Western Bretagne / Université Paris Sud)

Marie Cornu (director of research, member of the Center for Scientific Research, member of the French National Commission for UNESCO

Marie Berducou (honorary lecturer in art history, Université Paris, former director of the Department of Restaurateurs, National Heritage Institute)

Julien Chapuis (Deputy Director, Museum for Byzantine Sculpture Collections and Art, State Museums in Berlin)

Noëlle Timbart (conservative heritage, in charge of Egyptian and Oriental antiquities, Center for Research and Restoration of Museums of France)

Céline Castets- Fox (Professor of Law, University of Toulouse Capitole, member of the University Institute of France)

Arnaud Beaufort (director of services and networks, National Library of France)

Gautrais Vincent (Professor of Law, University of Montreal)

Astrid Müller-Katzenberg (Doctor of Law, Lawyer, Berlin)

Emmanuelle Polack (French expert of the Task Force “Schwabinger Kunstfund,” [Gurlitt] researcher, National Institute of Art History)

Michel Van Praët (member of the National Consultative Ethics Committee, member of the National Scientific Commission of collections)

Vincent Negri (Researcher, Centre national de la recherche scientifique)

Nicholas M. O'Donnell (partner, Sullivan & Worcester LLP)

Fromageau Jérôme (Honorary Dean, President of the International Society For Law Research of Cultural Heritage and Art Law)

Claire Barbillon (professor History of Contemporary Art, University of Poitiers, research team, École du Louvre)


Topics: cultural property, Denis Michel Boëll, Ecole du Louvre, National Consultative Ethics Committee, Deaccession, Schwabinger Kunstfund, Marie Cornu, Musée de la Marine, Council of Voluntary Sales, Tehran, Baptiste Brown, Marie Berducou, Stéphane Duroy, University of Toulouse Capitole, Michel Van Praët, University of Shahid Beheshti, Philippe Durey, Arnaud Beaufort, University of Poitiers, University Western Bretagne, Nathalie Heinich, Milan, Julien Chapuis, Pinacoteca di Brera, French National Commission for UNESCO, Philippe-Henri Dutheil, University Rennes, Vincent Negri, Céline Castets- Fox, Astrid Müller Katzenburg, Sophie Vigneron, Sullivan & Worcester LLP, Events, University of Kent, Museum for Byzantine Sculpture Collections and Art, Noëlle Timbart, Dominique Jarrassé, Claire Barbillon, Gilles Ragot, University of Montreal, State Museums in Berlin, International Society For Law Research of Cultural, Edouard Planche, Emmanuelle Polack, Université Paris Sud, EY Société d’avocats, Janet Blake, Jacques Bittoun, Catherine Chadelat, Jérôme Fromageau, Vincent Gautrais, Geraldine Goffaux Callebaut, Daniel Janicot

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