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California Resale Royalty Act Claims Dismissed as Preempted by Copyright Law, Despite 1980 Ninth Circuit Holding to the Contrary

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"Rime" Graffiti Case Against Moschino Survives Dismissal

The Right of Publicity: How Much Control Do NFL Players Have Over Their Names?

Federal Circuit Rules ITC Cannot Stop Infringing Digital Files From Entering U.S.

Federal Circuit Rules ITC Cannot Stop Infringing Digital Files From Entering U.S.

NANOTAINER vs. MICROTAINER: Theranos Battles BD Over Trademarks, but FDA Draws First Blood

NANOTAINER vs. MICROTAINER: Theranos Battles BD Over Trademarks, but FDA Draws First Blood

With Victory Over MTM, Amazon Can Still Use Brand Name Searches

PETA Thinks Monkeys Can Own Copyrights

Shufflin’ Ain't Hustlin’ When It Comes to Copyright Law

Is that a “Tiffany?”: Consumers get little credit in recent court decision

The New Google Logo: A New Kind of Mark for the Digital Era

Rah-Rah-©-Boom-Bah! Cheerleading Uniform Designs Win Copyright Protection

Perhaps the Door to Registration of Scandalous and Smutty Trademarks Will Remain Closed After All, At Least to the Washington Redskins

A Post About Beer! - Kölsch to be Precise

Is the Door to Registering “Scandalous” and “Smutty” Trademarks About to Open?

Supreme Court Grants Preclusive Effect to Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Rulings in Limited Circumstances

Trademarks and Taylor Swift: Will She License Merchandise or Just Keep Others at Bay?

Strong Like Bull(y): Is Red Bull Overreaching, Or Just Trying To Protect Its Mark?

Fabric So Rich Even Xerox® Can’t Copy It

#Registered - U.S.

Supreme Court’s Hana Financial Holding Could Increase Costs To Assert Trademark Tacking Claims

#Hashingitout: Is It Worth Registering A Hashtag?

Protecting Your Company’s Website From Imitators

Graffiti Litigation Update: Settlements and Procedural Wrangling

Is it or isn’t it? An app to discern whether your bag’s the real thing.

In Mile-High Trademark Infringement Fight, Hershey Bests Colorado Marijuana Edibles Company

Better Late Than Never – 20+ Years After the Popularization of the Worldwide Web, a Court Finally Recognizes Trade Dress Rights in Website Design

No, Your Musical Cat and Artistic Dog Aren't Going to Make You Rich

IP Traps in Crowdfunding Proposals

Trademarks, The UK, and The Rule of Threes

Perfect Your Foreign Trademark Rights Early or Risk Losing Them Forever

Las Vegas Sands Goes “All In” Against Online Trademark Infringement

Preclusive Effect of TTAB Likelihood of Confusion Rulings Up for Debate Before Supreme Court

USPTO Cancels Washington Redskins’ Trademarks, Says Name Is Disparaging to Native Americans

Reversing Ninth Circuit, Supreme Court Allows POM Wonderful to Sue Coca-Cola Under Lanham Act

When Good Fabergés Go Bad; Luxury Jeweler Sues Brooklyn Banquet Hall For "Shameless" Appropriation Of Its Mark

TTAB Repels "Asshole" Trademark Registration

Video Interview with LXBN TV: Discussing Amazon's Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

Amazon’s Red Hot Video Streaming Service Under Fire

You Can’t Rip Off CrossFit

“Glass” Half Empty in Google Trademark Registration Fight

Unilever Sets Off Firecrakers, Suing To Protect Trade Dress Of Its Frozen Treats

Make Way for Johnny Football: Heisman Winner One Step Closer To Registering His Mark Withdraws ‘CANDY’ Application Takes a Walk Down "Memory Lane"

The Way the Cookie Crumbles: Nabisco Sends J.P. Licks Cease and Desist over Oreo Ice Cream

What Happens in Vegas…Goes To Boston? A Likelihood of Confusion Reality Check

‘CANDY’ Trademarked by Candy Crush Developer

USPTO Rejects Trademark Application for Disparaging Phrase "Redskins Hog Rinds"

That’s Cronut™ To You: The Pastry Gets Trademarked!

Kate Spade Keeps Saturday

A Cracker Barrel Win For Kraft

Video Interview: Discussing the "Revis Island" Trademark with LXBN TV

I Am An Island: Darrelle Revis’s Mark (Finally) Gets Registered

Battle Umami: Preliminary Injunction Quickfire Challenge

Licensors and Trademark Quality Control: Are You At Risk for Infringement Liability?

Trademark Enforcement is Alive and Well in New York City

Federal Judge Finds No Trademark Infringement in Batman Blockbuster "The Dark Knight Rises"

Our Prediction Was Right: Kardashian Sisters’ Make-Up Line Rebrands!

Saving Face: Facebook and Timeline Have Settled Lawsuit

Lindt Loses Its Golden Easter Bunny Battle

ICANN’s Trademark Clearinghouse Protects Trademark Owners from New gTLD Cybersquatters

Tory Burch Files Infringement Lawsuit against Bluebell Accessories in New York

Kardashian Khroma Update: California Judge Blocks Future Sales With Preliminary Injunction

Tiffany Engagement Rings at Costco? Too Good to Be True

Apple Continues to Fight for iPhone Trademark in Brazil

Ralph Lauren Scores Winning Point In Second Circuit Trademark Polo Match

Apple Trademarks Store Look and Lay-Out

Bedeviled University of Texas Sues Over Use of Heavy Metal “Horns”

Video Interview: Discussing Already v. Nike with LXBN TV

U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Allows Nike to “Sue-and-Run”

No Such Thing as Bad Publicity? Anheuser-Busch Disagrees

Candy Bar Wars Part II – Nestlé Wins Battle to Protect Unique Shape of KitKat Bars

Instagram’s About Face?

Trademarks for Suckers: Federal Circuit Refuses to Register Trademark Based on Sexual Double Entendre

“Peace Through Strength” in Reagan’s Trademark Battle

Much Ado about Blue Ivy

Google Settles with Rosetta Stone, Leaving the Fate of AdWords in Legal Limbo

Kardashian’s Khroma Causes ‘Konfusion’ with Chroma Makeup

Brand Protection and Privacy Policy

Starbucks and Starbarks Bark Over Trademarks

Cadbury Reigns Supreme over Nestle in Royal Purple Ruling

Facebook Fans Must First Pass Muster if They Want to “Like” Grey Poupon Mustard

Velvet Underground’s Copyright Claim Against Warhol Foundation is Dismissed, Trademark Case Goes On

U.S. Court of Appeals for Second Circuit Affirms that Single Colors Can Be Protected in the Fashion Industry

Trademark Infringement versus First Amendment Right to Freedom of Expression

Successfully Defending the Brand: Gucci’s Copycat Bagged

Five Tips For Purchasing Trademarks

Humphrey Bogart's Burberry Trench Coat Photo: Trademark Violation or Historical Use?

Should Google Lose its Trademark?

Copyright in Classic Films Protects Famous Characters from Reach of Merchandisers

In Fashion Law, Design Protection Looks for the Right Pattern

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