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Federal Circuit Rules ITC Cannot Stop Infringing Digital Files From Entering U.S.

Posted by Mitchell Stein on November 10, 2015 at 2:28 PM

In a decision that will have considerable interest for the entertainment, tech and 3D printing industries, the Federal Circuit, in a split decision in Clearcorrect Operating, LLC v. International Trade Commission, 2014-1527, today overruled an earlier ruling of the International Trade Commission, in which the Commission blocked the importation of digital files that would permit operators of U.S. 3D printing facilities to manufacture dental braces that infringed the patents on the well known “Invisalign” brand of clear braces.  The Federal Circuit concluded that the ITC’s power to block “articles” that infringed U.S. intellectual property rights was limited only to material things, and did not include digital transmissions.  The ITC decision gained attention because it signaled a potential new governmental interest in regulating internet traffic, perhaps even a way to provide additional intellectual property remedies for the entertainment and music industries.  This new avenue of enforcement, however, appears to be closed for now.

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Topics: ITC, Invisalign, International Trade Commission, Clearcorrect Operating, 3D Printing

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