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Art Finance and Investment, London Recap and January 26, 2015 Geneva Preview

Posted by Nicholas O'Donnell on December 15, 2014 at 10:27 AM

Last month we posted word of an exciting two-part series hosted by The Art Law Foundation. The first session of “Art Finance and Law” took place on November 26, 2014 in London. The Thanksgiving holiday kept me from attending, but a thorough recap has been written by Rebecca Hawkins at Private Art Investor of the day’s conference, entitled “Risk, Rules and Opportunities in Art Investment.” Hawkins writes, “The key themes that reoccurred throughout the day’s discussions were those of regulation and reputation.” To put it another way, the conference seems to have focused on the timely issues of where art fits into financial planning and secured finance as an asset class, and on a discussion on the proper role of regulation (there being a decided lack of it, compared to other asset classes in the same order of magnitude). The conference also made the presentations themselves available, here. The recap reminded me that I wished I had been able to attend.

Happily, the program for part two is now available, and it likewise looks like a worthwhile event. To be held at the University of Geneva on January 26, 2015, sponsors are borro, Falcon Fine Art, Oblyon Art Business Intelligence, Lalive, and Sotheby’s, along with media partners The Art Newspaper, Private Art Investor and Bilan. 

I hope to make it, and to see you there.

The schedule is as follows:

Accueil | Introduction

Pierre Gabus, président de la Fondation pour le droit de l’art; Sandrine Giroud, directrice de la Fondation pour le droit de l’art

L’art: une classe d’actifs comme les autres? Works of art: a common asset class?

Présidence | Chair: Prof. Luc Thévenoz, Université de Genève

Cette session examinera les spécificités des fonds d’investissement en matière d’art, la titrisation et autres produits financiers concernant des œuvres d’art, ainsi que les facilités de crédit garanties par des œuvres d’art.

This session will focus on the specificities of art funds, the securitization of works of art and their use as an asset class as well as credit facilities secured by works of art.

Table ronde | Round table

Frédéric Dawance, Banque Lombard Odier & Cie SA; Philipp Fischer, Abels Avocats; Jan Prasens, Sotheby’s; Philip Hoffman, The Fine Art Fund

Art finance: aspects fiscaux Art finance: tax aspects

James Carleton, Farrer & Co LLP; Prof. Xavier Oberson, Université de Genève

Art finance: risques & opportunités Art finance: risks & opportunities

Présidence | Chair: Myret Zaki, Bilan

Nos experts examinerons les questions de compliance dans le marché de l’art: compliance bancaire, provenance et authentification. Faut-il une règlementation accrue? Quel futur pour le marché de l’art?

Our experts will look at issues of compliance in the art market: banking compliance, provenance, authentication. A need for more regulation? What future for the art mart market?

Table ronde | Round table

Yan Walther, Fine Arts Expert Institute; Fabian Bocart, Tutela Capital; Yves Bouvier, Natural Le Coultre; Manuela de Kerchove, Schroders; Alexandre Quiquerez, Université Lyon



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