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U.S. Offshore Wind:  Mid-Year Update

Posted by Jim Wrathall on 6/7/16 2:13 PM

Co-Authors Hayden S. Baker and Morgan M. Gerard

Several speakers at the recent American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) annual conference in New Orleans lauded the positive impact of Congress's extensions of the production tax credit (PTC) and investment tax credit (ITC) in December 2015. As they noted, these extensions position wind energy for a period of unprecedented stability and growth—at least for the onshore wind sector.

Offshore wind has tremendous potential in the United States, but unlike the onshore wind sector, offshore still has a long way to go to reach critical mass. The recent PTC/ITC extensions ramp down by the early 2020s. As a result, only a few early offshore projects are likely to be far enough along to benefit from the PTC/ITC extensions. Absent a further tax incentive specifically directed to offshore wind, as recently proposed by Senators Markey (D-Mass) and Whitehouse (D-RI), offshore wind will continue to rely on state-level policies to build out the necessary supply chain.

Where will U.S. offshore wind find support to attain critical mass? Here are six major areas of recent progress:

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Topics: Renewable Energy, Offshore Wind, Wind Energy, DONG Energy, BOEM, New Jersey Offshore Wind, Maryland Offshore Wind, Massachusetts Offshore Wind, New York Offshore Wind

EDGE Advisory: Distributed Energy Finance Report—Highlighting Trends in an Evolving Energy Marketplace

Posted by Jim Wrathall on 5/16/16 10:43 AM

S&W, in conjunction with the World Association for Decentralized Energy (WADE), recently released our EDGE Advisory:  Distributed Energy Finance Report for May 2016.  EDGE examines energy macro-trends in distributed generation through articles and expert contributions focusing on market direction, policy updates, and innovations in finance. 

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U.S. Offshore Wind Seeks Critical Mass

Posted by Jim Wrathall on 3/9/16 3:30 PM

Co-author Hayden Baker

Last week’s U.S. Offshore Wind Leadership Conference in Boston had the vibe of a technology sector ready to break out. Industry leaders, federal officials, and a panel of Massachusetts legislators extolled the economic opportunities, and U.S. Senator Edward Markey and Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Matthew Beaton delivered inspiring keynotes. Speakers were interspersed with high-energy videos of offshore wind installations in European waters, along with many side meetings among project developers and hopeful supply chain participants.

Offshore wind is garnering more than just hype in 2016. Key developments have this once fledgling energy source poised to finally gain momentum in the United States.

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Topics: Wind, Massachusetts, Offshore Wind, Wind Energy, DONG Energy, Deepwater Wind, BOEM, Siemens

Nevada Solar Update: Senator Harry Reid Takes On Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway in Net Metering Debate

Posted by Jim Wrathall on 9/8/15 8:00 AM

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Topics: Utilities, Energy Policy, Legislation, Distributed Energy, Solar Energy, Renewable Energy

Six Questions to Consider about Microgrids

Posted by Jim Wrathall on 7/14/15 2:30 PM

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Topics: Utilities, Energy Policy, Structured Transactions & Tax, Energy Storage, Energy Efficiency, Microgrid, Energy Finance, Distributed Energy, Energy Management, Solar Energy, Renewable Energy, Public/Private Partnership, Wind

EDGE Distributed Energy in Focus: How Can Hybrid Resources and Microgrids Overcome Financing Challenges?

Posted by Jim Wrathall on 7/8/15 2:48 PM

In Sullivan & Worcester’s most recent quarterly newsletter, the EDGE Advisory, we address one of the major advancements in distributed energy clean-tech, the microgrid. This year has seen major headway in the deployment of hybrid distributed energy resources and microgrids, along with accompanying innovation in financing for these solutions. Several leading players in solar, battery storage and advanced power management automation have announced major investments in new microgrid adaptable technologies.

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Topics: Energy Security, Power Generation, Microgrid, Energy Finance, Distributed Energy, Energy Management, Renewable Energy

New Programs Implementing South Carolina’s Distributed Energy Legislation

Posted by Jim Wrathall on 6/4/15 12:44 PM

Last week South Carolina’s major utilities announced new residential solar incentive programs under the state’s Distributed Energy Resource Program Act (DERPA). Signed in mid-2014 by Governor Nikki Haley, DERPA requires utilities to establish distributed energy resources programs, authorized third-party solar leasing, and updated the state’s net metering program.

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Topics: Utilities, Energy Policy, Energy Finance, Solar Energy, Renewable Energy

Georgia: Renewable Energy on the Rise

Posted by Jim Wrathall on 4/22/15 12:35 PM

Developers and investors are seeing increasing clean energy opportunities in Georgia. Below we discuss recent Georgia solar legislation, growth in biomass, and the major potential for wind power in the state, as well as related ancillary benefits in reduced energy-related water demands.

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Topics: Utilities, Water, Biomass, Energy Policy, Solar Energy, Renewable Energy, Wind

Arizona Update: Solar Controversies Causing Market Upheaval

Posted by Jim Wrathall on 3/4/15 7:57 AM

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Topics: Distributed Energy, Solar Energy, Renewable Energy

Virginia Solar Projects Moving Forward: A New Growth State for Clean Energy?

Posted by Jim Wrathall on 2/25/15 6:28 AM

Co-author Eli Hinckley

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Topics: Energy Policy, Solar Energy, Public/Private Partnership

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