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Some people have a “trophy husband.” Other people have a “trophy wife.” But only clients of Sullivan & Worcester LLP can have a TROPHY TAX ATTORNEY. Jay (the trophy in the middle) Darby is a tax partner in S&W’s Boston office who advises businesses and individuals on wealth creation and wealth preservation: How to make money, keep money, and pass money to the next generation at a minimum tax cost. Joseph B. “Jay” Darby III, Esq. Jay has over 30 years of practical tax experience, and, as the accompanying photograph should indicate, he embodies everything that a client could possibly look for in a sophisticated tax advisor: • Technical excellence • Creative thinking • Innovative solutions • Arm candy How the Tax and Sports Update Began Jay graduated with honors from Harvard Law School in 1978, and promptly did what any reasonable person in that situation would do: He became a sports writer! Over the years, he wrote sports columns for the Boston Herald, the Boston Phoenix, Hemispheres (the United Airlines in-flight magazine) and Worcester Magazine. For his efforts he was awarded First Place in the Sport Column category by the New England Press Association in 1989. After five years of full-time sports writing, Jay decided to get a “real” job as a tax attorney — and soon discovered that he loved to write about taxes as much as about sports. He now brings his sports-writing talents to the world of tax law, for the benefit and entertainment of our readers. Jay was honored as the “Tax Writer of the Year” in 2007, and again in 2011, by Practical International Tax Strategies, a division of Thomson Reuters. At the 2007 award ceremony, the Editor of Practical International Tax Strategies, Scott Studebaker, said: Our decision to award Jay Darby the “Tax Writer of the Year” award was both easy and difficult. Difficult, because we had many excellent articles from tax lawyers and other tax specialists to choose from. The easy part was because Jay’s articles are the ones that make us laugh.” In accepting the award, Jay deadpanned, “It is deeply gratifying to be identified as America’s leading — not to mention only — tax humorist.” Jay has finally found a way to combine his twin passions for tax and sports as the founding editor of the “Tax and Sports Update.” It is, unquestionably, the ONLY tax newsletter with an award-winning sports column! Jay has written literally hundreds of published tax articles, and is the author of Practical Guide to Mergers, Acquisitions, and Business Sales, a popular book on M&A structuring published by CCH. Jay uses the book in courses he teaches on M&A at the Boston University School of Law in the Graduate Tax (LLM) Program and at Bentley University in the Masters in Taxation (MST) Program. Link to Jay’s complete and PAINFULLY SERIOUS biography, including over 75 of his tax articles, at http://www.sandw.com/professionals-447.html.

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New IRS Regulations Will Help Spur Investment But More Guidance Is Needed

Posted by Joseph B. Darby III on Oct 25, 2018 12:09:16 PM

Info-Zone-blog_email-notification-masthead_601-x-189The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), passed in late 2017, contained many headline-grabbing new tax provisions, and during the initial wave of public reaction and acclaim the Opportunity Zones Act (Ozone Act) embedded in the TCJA was largely overlooked.  However, the Ozone Act has proven to be something of an iceberg, with only the tip visibly exposed: Beneath the surface, Ozones have developed into something quite large – and perhaps enormous.

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