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Boaz Feinberg is a partner and the head of the firm’s Tax and Money Laundering Prohibition Department. With more than 12 years experience, Mr. Feinberg and the department team provide overall services to the firm’s clients in the administrative and regulative aspects, as well as in representation in court. In the field of tax law, Mr. Feinberg focuses on litigation, both in civil and criminal law, in handling negotiations with the tax authorities (assessment officers, VAT offices, real estate tax offices and senior officials at the Israeli Tax Authority) and with the district and state attorney offices.

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New Court Decision in Israel Will Impose a Significant Tax Burden on International Companies with Israeli Permanent Establishments

Posted by Boaz Feinberg on Jan 27, 2016 9:51:46 AM

Recently, the District Court in Tel Aviv was required to address the question as to whether foreign companies with an Israeli Permanent Establishment (PE) should include on their revenue calculation unrecognized expenses for tax purposes. Such expenses would include payroll expenses for granted employee’s options and the social expenses derived from it, in companies whose revenues are calculated at the 'Cost Plus' pricing method, even though the options were granted to employees under Section 102 of the Israeli Income Tax Ordinance

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Topics: Tax Law, Foreign Parent Company, Israeli Tax

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